Friday, December 30, 2011

The greener grass in my friend's garden

I love my garden
Lush green grass, bright red roses and the smell of the wet earth
But something seems amiss

I don't know what
I mow the lawn, water the plants, trim the flowers, sit back and look at it once again
But I am not happy

I turn to see my friend's garden
Kids playing in her lawn, a bird chirping on the fence, butterflies fluttering from flower to flower
I wonder what is so good

I stand on my toes to peep over the wall
The lawn mower stands broken, the garden hose lies unused, pliers are rusted
But the grass in my friends garden seems greener than mine

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Forever now, I still chase thee

I hide, I run, I wait, I fall,
Gardens of beauty, I ignore 'em all.
Lovely fragrance passes by me,
Forever now, I still chase thee.

I can't give up, so beautiful you are,
Up those towers tall, you seem so far.
What can I do and lure you to me,
Forever now, I still chase thee.

Rare moments in life when I felt you touch,
Feeling of glory and joy as much.
To feel that thrill of flying free,
Forever now, I still chase thee.

Hope wakes the dawn, shall find you today,
Dusk is a sad tinge, waits for another day.
Back again on the running spree,
Forever now, I still chase thee.

Tired and lost, where am I wrong,
Is it only me, waiting so long.
Bright faces around, filled with glee,
Forever now, I still chase thee.

I pause and beg, show me a path to go,
Shadows like mine, behind faces that glow.
To each his own, only a self can see,
Forever now, I still chase thee.

Beyond the walls of this garden's bounty,
I see you flutter, away from me.
Laughing aloud, you seem to be,
Forever now, I still chase thee.

So helpless seems the world out there,
Hunger, pain, helplessness and despair.
You pass by them, not once they see,
Forever now, I still chase thee.

Hope atleast was always with me,
But I failed to see the great mercy.
Thanking my luck, I feel so free,
Forever now, I have chased thee.

At last I rise and start to care,
To give that world, my hope to share.
You flutter and sit in my open heart,
Forever now, Oh happiness, you 've been my part.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Silent Seduction ...

Gentle breeze that coddles my face,
Tender waves kiss me and retrace.
Shimmering moonlight on sea-surface,
Like satin sheets fluttering in space.
The beauty around seeps through me,
Oh the silent seduction at the sea.

Walks with him, a quotidian ritual,
Yet, this seaside stroll is not the usual.
Our fingers brush, in a gesture so casual,
But the slightest touch seems most sensual.
Sensitized senses as can be,
Oh the silent seduction at the sea.

Incessant noises now seem to die,
Urban lights far behind they lie.
Sidereal spell in the night sky,
Exuberant dance of waves so high.
Overwhelming in the sacrosanct privacy,
Oh the silent seduction at the sea.

Holding hands we climb a rock,
His gentle arms, around me they lock.
I feel at peace in his loving embrace,
As I gaze at some distant place.
In the sequestered world of our dreams,
Oh the silent seduction at the seams.

A lifetime with the surfs at shore,
Slowly we walk to the familiar uproar.
Bright red balloons, one hand I pick,
And take my bite from his sweet corn stick.
All the wordly delights in my reach,
Oh the silent seduction at the beach.

Childrens' chatter rings in the air,
As we sit back to watch the beach fair.
I look into his eyes, a smile we share,
Words can't speak of moments so rare.
Lying on his lap, I feel completed to the core,
Oh the silent seduction at the shore.

Evening spent, we move towards our car,
I look up, see my red balloons flying far.
I wet my lips but taste the ocean salt,
To see the sea one last time I halt.
World around, so perfect it seems,
Oh the silent seduction at the seams.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Timeless Memories...

A punch, then kick, slowly the voices rise,
Cadence in this din sure will surprise,
Calmly you watch, but stop not the fight,
Curses today seem not-vulgar but right.

Unheard languid lessons of 'a saint',
Delivered so near, yet feel so faint,
Preferred is a nap on a distant bench,
Digested are lexical cards that appear french.

Young lovers busy in a lonely spot,
Some socrates is lost in a deep thought,
Words of Neeman hide behind Godfather's,
The pen-fight starts and then the crowd gathers.

Laughter that flows around the place,
Shows sharing, youth and unity of race,
Ripples of joy that touch your heart,
Have fire so warm, you become its part.

With the break starts mission- 'attacking food',
No ambrosia of lords seems so good,
Togetherness must be that exotic spice,
That we raid even the overdone fries.

Sometimes when these memories roll,
Bitter sweet feelings reach my soul,
Every moment, with me it stays,
True, nothing like the college days.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dawn....from my bed

Some ethereal power has cast its spell,
A divine tranquility, I just can't tell.
Nature is lost in a thought profound,
Woven a magical blanket all around.

Mellifluous chimes that ring so near,
Rhythm of breathe seems so clear.
Eloquent enough is silence now,
Words can’t express as to how.

A shameless flirt is the morning breeze,
Touches and teases, denies to cease.
Leaves that sway to a dulcet song,
Now human waltz seems so wrong.

The dawn silently starts to change,
Reminds me of 'the love' so strange.
I feel the air and breathe it in,
Something sweet is born within.

I turn and see the faces around,
Peaceful they seem in sleep so sound.
Lost are the traces of bitter scorn,
They seem guileless like the newly born.

Then I see the first Sun ray,
I feel blessed for having this day.
Humming to myself I leave my bed,
With a new hope, I move ahead.